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Its time to rest

To rest in your body
To rest in this moment- just as it is.
To rest in awareness
To drop into presence

Through presence we can experience the deep, grounded practice of living life everyday with authenticity, acceptance and love.
To embody the loving awareness that we are.
To find the magical, hidden in the mundane. 

The offerings here are in support of this.

Devi Yoga- Restorative, feminine, practices combining yoga, mudras, mantras and meditation specially formulated to support women at all stages of our cycles and lives in service of deep healing, bliss and transformation. 

Mama Circles- Online and Physical circles to explore the deep spiritual path of motherhood. To come together and share the wisdom, the truths, the joys and the challenges with those who ride the same powerful waves and through this support the powerful transformational journey of matresence. 

Mantras and Sacred Songs- Celebrating life and experiencing bliss through the simple act of raising ones voice and opening ones heart.

Yoga Nidra- Profound, blissful rest. The yoga of sleep. Ultimate restoration for the nervous system tailored to support your needs and experiences. 

I thank you for finding your way here and I hope you enjoy and are supported by these practices :)


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Image by abhijeet gourav

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"The thing about meditation is: You become more and more you."

David Lynch

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