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Welcome to Yoga With Sacha!

Yoga is amazing isn't it?! 

It has the power to transform our bodies, bring presence and insight to our minds and ultimately bring us ever closer to the infinite power of own spirit. 

This is no small thing!


I feel deeply honoured that I stumbled upon the path of yoga as a child (I was 11 years old). The practices of Hatha yoga, Meditation, Mantra Singing gave me a haven I can always retreat to in hard times, a framework to develop myself  from the inside out and a place to celebrate my life every single day.

For those of you new to yoga welcome, you have just stumbled upon the opportunity to embark upon an amazing and beautiful journey... and don't worry you don't need to be young, have a particular body shape, or be flexible to practice yoga. You start from wherever you are and everybody is welcome. (The real benefits go way deeper than our bodies anyway!)


For those of you who have been practicing yoga for a while I thank you for finding your way here- lets dive deeper together on this amazing path.  

It is my great honour and pleasure to be a yoga teacher.

 For me being a yoga teacher consists of many things and this website is created to bring them all together- here you will find:

  •  Hatha Yoga Classes

  •  Mantra Singing, Yoga Music & Kirtan

  •  Meditation Techniques

  •  Yoga Philosophy & Coaching to help us take yoga off the mat and into every area of our lives

  • & opportunities to dive in to all of the above together in person through the magic of Yoga Retreats

The Sanskrit word 'Yoga' translates as 'Union'.

It is my firm belief that we are all in this together- I thank you for your presence and it is my highest hope that in some small way the offerings you find here will help you on your path through this crazy ol' world we live in. 


       Sacha :)