...Dive deep into bliss with sacred music, movement & Cacao. 


 Each day we will use a variety of ancient, healing practices to transform, and grow while also connecting to deep relaxation and bliss in this very delicious retreat :) 


We will work together to:

  •  Relax the nervous system with gentle yin yoga & sound healing sessions

  •  Tap into inner creativity through music & dance

  • Celebrate life and cultivate self-love with Cacao Ceremonies

  • Express our true, authentic self through mantras, sacred songs, & circles




Raw, un-refined, ceremonial cacao will be woven in to every day both informally though daily, delicious, cacao treats and through two gorgeous cacao ceremonies held during the retreat. 


Cacao has been used for centuries to heal the mental, physical and spiritual body. It is a natural and ancient plant medicine, witch is a high in iron, magnesium, B-complex vitamins and is a powerful antioxidant. Cacao also increases blood flow (oxygen and nutrients) to the brain as well as induces the release of feel-good endorphins.


Cacao ceremonies have been around for thousands of years, originating all the way back to Mayan and Aztec traditions in Central and South America, used for spiritual, medicinal and ceremonial purposes for inner awakening and creative guidance. Pure cacao is used as a heart opening medicine for people to safely experience awakening, revelation and inner healing. Cacao is used in a sacred medicinal ritual, where intentions are set and once consumed, euphoric states are unlocked, negative emotions are released and we are able to connect to ourselves and the loving energy in our body.


In the Ceremony…

We hold the space for you with heavenly Cacao medicine, guided cacao meditation and hours of beautiful uplifting music for singing together and for dancing.




Sound healing is a tool to aid you in arriving at the depths of yourself. With a variety of healing instruments we invite you on a journey into the sub-concious where there is potential to release trauma, relax deeply and meet your inner creative source. 


GONG - one of the world's oldest instruments, will help You achieve a deep state of relaxation. Gongs and other organic sounds can help to get rid of fear and other negative emotions. This will contribute to increasing creativity and multiplies the activity of the immune system.


For the journey to hold a space we use set of beautiful and magical instruments:


Kaushalya- voice, violin, Tibetan singing bowls, harmonium, bamboo flute, framedrum

Alex- percussion, crystal bowls, Planetary Gongs (Sun, Venus, Mars, Creation) monolini, framedrum




Mantra is a Sanskrit term, with “man” meaning “mind” and “tra” meaning “release.” 


In our mantra singing practices- we will be introduced to many chants and have the opportunity to learn the meaning of the mantra and to sing it many times.  Over our practice the mantra has time to work with our mind, helping us to go beyond thoughts and find a blissful connection with our inner self and come to a place of deep joy. It is such an incredible spiritual practice to do in a group and is a wonderful opportunity to sing, dance and celebrate with others.




In this workshop you will have the opportunity to learn and then play 4 basic elemental rhythms:

 Earth, Fire, Water & Air 

Once learned we will play together to create rhythm patterns together as a group. Once again we can transcend the ordinary thinking mind and feel the deep ancient harmony of sitting in circle and exploring rhythm and sound together as one. No previous experience  is needed, just an open mind and a willingness to try-  we will go all together deep into the magic of rhythm. .


Gentle YOGA  (Yin Yoga & Restorative Yoga)

Each day will begin with 1 hour of Laid back and gentle yoga to nourish, rest and rebalance.


Sacha will lead you through a mindful and meditative yoga practice to invite a calmer nervous system, healthier joints, more flexibility, release of trauma through the mind-body and promote healing throughout the fascia.


Throughout the session you are invited to work with integrating all that is arising for you in the present and to reflect upon your own inner wisdom. 



About us:


Alex and Kaushalya  are sacred musicians, sound healers and cacao aficionados who work internationally at festivals, retreats, concerts, private sessions and ceremonies.  They have trained at EMTA (Estonian Music and Theater Academy) as music therapists and also specialised in gong playing, sound  massage, and sound bath from master Don Conreaux, in addition to studying Sufi rhythms and framedrums in Turkey.  Alex and Kaushalya have developed their own system called 'GongSPA' utilising an approach based in existential psychology and sound healing for relaxation, meditation, joy and transformation. 

  Their deep love of sacred sound and their integration of ancient wisdom is present in all that they do, they effortlessly transmit this light through their work; combining it with their uplifting, unquestionable musical talent to create unique, ecstatic opportunities for blissful healing. 



Sacha is a yoga & meditation teacher, mantra singer & co-founder of Mandala Yoga Retreat Accommodation.  Her love of yoga, meditation & mantras began when she was just 11 years old, & has continued for more than 20 years. She believes that yoga should be accessible for everyone & has had the honour of teaching thousands of people both in-person & online, at retreats, workshops, classes and festivals internationally. 

  Her classes and her music are led with love, humour and soul, and she has a profound talent for guiding people into deep states of peace, meditation and transformation. 


For more info or to book your place on one of our retreats email: