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Retreat weeks are the best!


There is something so beautiful as a group of people (usually starting out as strangers) arriving together, staying together, eating healthy food, practicing yoga and meditation together and taking the time to relax, reboot, regenerate, rethink and replenish. Every group is different, every individual is different and every single retreat has been incredible.


We offer several different retreat experiences- that you can explore while staying on the magical Mediterranean island paradise :) 


2020 Dates:


July 1st- July 8th Rejuvenate & Love

– Yoga, Massage, Self Development & Meditation Retreat


August 9th-17th Mantra Bliss

– Yoga, Self Development & Mantra Singing Retreat


26th August - 2nd September Rejuvenate and Love

– Yoga, Massage, Self Development & Meditation Retreat


Mantra Bliss Retreat

Mantra Bliss weeks are retreats to still the mind, open the heart and reconnect with ones innate inner sense of wisdom and joy. We will practice yoga daily, weaving in gentle yoga philosophy and self reflection, working with the chakras to give us a total energetic reboot during our week. And of course the week will be full of the yoga of sound experienced through mantra singing, healing music and kirtan. The power of music to affect us mind, body and spirit will be explored deeply every single day, as well as the freedom and release of inhibitions that comes from using ones own voice. The practices combine together with the aim of leaving you feeling, blissful, connected to your true, authentic self and overflowing with a deep sense of relaxation and happiness.

Rejuvenate and Love

These are weeks to relax deeply, pamper yourself,  develop a gentle daily yoga practice, and practice many different forms of mindfulness and meditation. The week works with a theme of chakras so each day you can reflect with a little yoga philosophy that will tie in with the yoga class, meditation and massages given on the day. By the end of the week you will have completed an entire 7 day cycle where your body and mind have been looked after optimally and your spirit will be nourished by the yoga, meditation and stunning natural beauty of the island- the aim of this week is to leave you feeling wonderful from your head down to your toe as well as giving you some space and time to re-connect with your real, authentic self and to go home with a feeling of clarity and purpose.

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