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Taking Care of Mama...

Matresence is the stage of life we enter when we become mamas. 

When a child is born everything in our lives changes all at once. And the changes keep coming! 

So how can we find ourselves amidst all the change?

How can we care for ourselves when we feel at the bottom of the list of priorities? 

How can we transform the struggle into growth, empowerment and even joy?

These tools bring community,  mindfulness of our bodies, our breath and our lives, and give  moments to press pause, rest

 and regenerate ourselves. 


The Mama Circle

The Mama Circle is one of the most empowering self-care and self discovery practices for mamas.

It is a place for YOU.

A place to connect, to listen and to share with other mamas who understand what you are going through.

It is a space for inspiration where you can 

 reflect on YOU, your needs, your desires and to empower yourself through all the transformations taking place  through your journey of motherhood.

It is fun, friendly, authentic and very powerful and you are welcome just as you are Mama. 

Cick here for more info on The Mama Circle (online and physical)  

or contact Sacha for more info


Matresence Coaching


Matresence coaching is a session like no other. It is a step towards deep clarity, insight, self care and change just where you need it most.


Through mindful exercises and inquiries you will be supported  to uncover the answer to those tricky questions that seem to go round and round endlessly.  

A space where you will be listened to in a caring and supportive way while you make the changes that make all the difference.

Click here for more  info on matresence coaching or contact  Sacha to find out more. 


Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a  meditative practice designed for deep rest of the body and the mind. 

It is a tool that can bring so many benefits to mamas:

  • Help to bring deep sleep and cure insomnia

  • Bring deep rest to the nervous system in short amounts of time 

  • Be an alternative to/ or a way into a much needed power nap

  • Bring rest to the body

  • Bring a sense of mindfulness of the body

  • Be an easy spiritual practice that allows you to rest and regenerate

Yoga Nidra for Mamas course coming soon....

Other tools I offer for Mamas are:

Prajna  Shakti Yoga - This practice can benefit all women but was actually created  especially to give a complete spiritual practice to support mamas

Mantras- A perfect way to bring the power of sacred sounds into the daily life of you and your children 

Mama Retreats- A family vacation with a twist. Take some much needed  time for you, sit in circle with other mamas, enjoy daily yoga, mantra and meditation and eat yummy healthy food, Children's program available for older children and beautiful beach for your companion to spend time with your little one so you can have some space  to regenerate and feel like you again. Contact for more info. 

Mama Circles

To circle together is to know the magic of sisterhood.  To listen to the beauty and the wisdom within you and within all others.

I offer Mama  circles in person and online, and am working to create a resource for mamas to create their own local circles. 

Womens Circles saved my life and have been one of my strongest points of support  and growth since becoming a mama.

Contact me at

to join a circle :) 

All mamas walking the path of motherhood are actually walking a well trodden path, with many common features, archetypal patterns and challenges. Even though each mamas life circumstance is unique there is deep wisdom  and there are supportive tools to assist at every step of the way. 

In the circles we move our bodies, we work with a powerful, supportive theme, we have space to share what is in our hearts with those who listen and understand and listen to the wisdom in the other mamas in the circle. We share a healing yoga nidra and or guided meditation to help us rest deeply, heal and celebrate the incredible journey we are on. 

Matresence Coaching

Matresence is the stage of life we enter when we become mamas. 

Motherhood is a profound metamorphosis. Most of the time the transformation that society honours is that of the child, but just as powerful  is the transformation of the mama. 

Matresence coaching can help with challenges such as:

  • Managing Stess and Overwhelm 

  • Re-discovering your Identity 

  • Creating organisation and clarity

  • Managing the transition back to work

  • Creating self care despite all the challenges of motherhood

  • Working towards goals and dreams while caring for your children

  • Working with motherhoood as a spiritual practice

  • ...and so much more

Matresence coaching is a holistic and supportive process where you can talk about what is present for you, what your needs are and be supported through active listening, reflective questions, and practical exercises and  tools that support mamas from the inside out. Creating happier mamas, and happier families.

Contact me at to arrange a free 20min consultation.

I look forward to discover how I can best support you...

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