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Live Sessions & Retreats

Experience Yoga, Mantras and Meditation with Sacha in sessions, workshops and retreats held online and in person

Private Yoga Lesson

Treat yourself to a private yin yoga, restorative yoga or partner yoga class. 

 Sacha will host a bespoke class just for you- you can work with a perfect theme to suit your exact needs. 

Available online or in-person.

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Yoga of Sound- Voice Coaching & Mantras

Free your voice with Sacha's holistic vocal coaching. Sacha trained to teach vocal technique for many years and combines the science of vocal technique with intuitive voicework and traditional yogic mantras and tools. 

Available online or in-person.

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Enjoy live yoga or mantras in your own home with Sacha's lovestreams.


Join special sessions held on Insight Timer or Zoom and find out about special online hangouts that Sacha is hosting where you get a little time to talk and meet the beautiful community of fellow practitioners.  

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Find out about Sacha's amazing retreats. 

Dive into the beauty of the greek island of Corfu (and sometimes other beautiful places!) Where you can relax, eat healthy food walk in nature and swim in the clear blue sea.


Sacha offers a number of different retreats focussing on yoga, singing and/or meditation. 

See special programs below and join the aum notes to recieve updates straight to your inbox. 

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