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Yoga & Meditation...

If you are looking for mindful, relaxing, powerful yoga classes then you have come to the right place...

Experience special longer classes and inspiring yoga practices that work and build over several days to give you a yoga retreat you can enjoy from your very own home, 

and help you build the daily habit of yoga with these  supportive and empowering practices.

Yin Yoga 101

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Bed Yoga!

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Exclusive Yoga Courses...

A series of slow, relaxing and gentle yin yoga classes to help you unwind, gain flexibility, and return home to your body- a wonderful course for those wanting to dive into the gentle yet profound practice of yin. 

Yummy lazy practices that you can do to stretch, relax and start or end the day right. You don't even need a yoga mat!

Hatha Yoga 101

Yoga for Absolute Beginners..

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A simple and effective 7 day yoga practice to help you cover all the basics and start your very own at-home hatha yoga practice...


A slow and steady series of mindful hatha yoga practices designed for people who consider themselves very much beginners. Yoga is for everyone! Here you will find a gentle and accessible series of practices for you.

Mindful Mama- Pregnancy Yoga


Pregnancy yoga, meditation, mantra practices and to support you in experiencing a happy, healthy pregnancy and the birth you wish for you and your little one...

(Made with my wonderful friend and certified Midwife- Sophia Ortiz)

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Access Sacha's music, livestreams and courses on Insight Timer...

Buddha Statue
"Your own Self-Realization is the greatest service you can render the world."

Sri Ramana Maharshi

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