Yoga of Sound

Few things help us change state faster than music.

There is something so profound and powerful about the practice of chanting mantras and diving into your heart with devotional music.


The music I make is intended to be used as an interactive meditation that you can dive into, sing along with or practice yoga to. 

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Relax & Reconnect

A 7 day course of guided meditations to bring you deep relaxation, balance & joy :)


  • A variety of practices for you to try at home

  • Guided meditations to help you sleep better and relax deeply

  • Mindfulness practices to help you live with more presence and lightness

Yoga Courses 

.Practice along at home.

Try comprehensive online yoga courses that feature longer classes that compliment and build upon each other offering a more in depth approach to yoga  to boost your home practice. 

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Hatha Yoga Basics 

7 Days of fun and relaxing yoga practices that go over all the basics you need to know to start an at home yoga practice :)


  • All the major groups of pose

  • Sequences that build upon each other

  • Simple poses suitable for beginner to intermediate yogis 

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Yoga For Beginners

Discover 7 Simple yet powerful Yoga Classes Designed especially for Beginners. 


  • All the major types of poses

  •  Slow, beginner friendly sequences, 

  • Opportunities to relax deeply and workout 


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