Mantras are such a beautiful way to meditate :) 

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I've had the pleasure of creating 4 Yoga courses and 1 meditation course (so far!). These feature longer videos, exploring a variety of topics:

All these courses and albums as well as any more thatI create can be accessed from as little as a £2 donation if you become a patron 

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These are the courses you will find

Hatha Yoga Basics

A 7-day programme covering all the basics :)

Yoga for Absolute Beginners 

A 7-day programme for newbies to yoga or those wanting a gentler practice.

7 Meditations to Relax and Reconnect  

A variety of guided meditations to still the mind, bring relaxation and inner joy.

Yin Yoga Basics

A variety of restorative yin yoga practices to help you return to the home within.